Costs /Informations

    For the collages I need as possible the original files of your images in high resolution (300 dpi), because the better
    the quality of the images is, the better are the collages. With a digital camera is a pixel size of at least 2256 x 1496
    pixels necessary if the results should be satisfactory.

    A really blury or shaky picture is inappropriate, as if it is totally overexposed or underexposed, because I can not
    conjure unfortunately! Even cell phone pictures are not well suited. Please send pictures as JPG via mail or
    on USB stick.

    The costs depend on the effort, ie the more individual images should be on the collage, the more time-consuming
    is the work. The "release", ie to separate the subject from the background, is the most elaborate work.

    The background (eg monochrome, multicoloured, marble etc) and the format (portrait or landscape format) you
    may select yourself, but I advise you willingly if you want to.

    Please also note the Copyright. Should it not be your own picture, you need the written consent of the photographer. Please send me if possible several pictures, I see then which images would be well suited for a collage (regardless of how many should be on the collage).

    I will send you the collage on CD in original size, also an expression on photo paper in A4 size. To save on postage
    costs for you, I will also send the file via mail.


    The collages are determined for private use only, ie for your home and for your website, facebook etc. Any other
     use such as for commercial purpose is not permitted without my permission. The copyright of the published
    images on this website is mine! I reserve the right to publish the finished collage on this website under "Examples".

    Collage with one picture*  22,- €

    Collage with two pictures  40,- €

    Collage with three pictures 50,- €

    Collage with four pictures   60,- €

    Each additional image costs 8,- € extra

    Stable plate approximately A4, double laminated (wipeable) 30,- € (incl. photo paper and film)

    *Every now and then you have indeed made good the actual motive in the picture, but unfortunately the
    background interferes strongly. I offer therefore to retouch pictures to or incorporate the subject in a beautiful background and, where appropriate, to make a section of it. Since a lot can be done!

Simple Example




Section + other background