About myself

    The initials stand for Bettina Knaupe.

    Since early 2012 I fabricate collages from my own, but also from foreign photographs. First, I did this just for me and from pure amusement,
    later with the claim to surprise friends. And because the collages found favour, and I was increasingly addressed then,
    I decided in September 2014 to supplement my income with making collages.

    Since animals, especially dogs, cats and horses are my passion, I have specialized in animal collages. In my leisure time I am
    usually with our dog and my Nikon  D 5300 on the way and take
    potluck what lends itself to great designs. And every now and
    then I have the great luck to clip beautiful snapshots. Usually it is no special photo shoot, they are spontaneous pictures. And I believe these are sometimes the more beautiful than the "observed"!

    But I also offer - within 40 km - a photo shoot; this requires time,
    patience and good light. The best way is morning or evening sun!

    Best regards

    Bettina Knaupe

My Groenendael Dog "Cádiz" - 1 year old